We regularly produce best in class reports, leadership content and insight showcasing the most impactful examples of diversity and inclusion across the industry covering topics like wellbeing and mental health, the impact of the pandemic on women and people from ethnic minorities, menopause in the workplace. We anticipate and respond to the needs of our Collaboration Community, share learnings and facilitate benchmarking.  

Our Recent Research

This Annual Report, made in partnership with The MBS Group focuses on 'Accelerating the pace of change'.

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Phase 2: This phase of the toolkit, supported by IHG Hotels & Resorts focuses on ‘making a difference as a line manager’ for the Retail, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sectors.

In the toolkit:
- Actions to help develop inclusive leaders
- Addressing non-inclusive behaviour
- Supporting colleagues with racial trauma
- Reverse mentoring
- Next steps
- Case studies from Fuller's Brewery and Whitbread.

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Based upon mandatory figures reported to the government this year, we are pleased to publish our report on the gender pay gap in the Retail industry. With broader sector analysis provided by PwC, we look at the reasons behind the gap and ways in which the DiR Collaboration Community is producing innovative action planning to positively turn the dial to reduce the gap. We look at the benefits created by policy change and inclusive recruitment, and hear directly from member organisations through case studies and best practices. 

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As we come to the mid-way point in the year we wanted to take the opportunity to share a snapshot of some of the collective progress we've made. From welcoming new members into our Collaboration Community, to hosting webinars on key EDI topics, not to mention seeing almost 1000 delegates graduate across our various development programmes, it's clear to see that 2023 has already been jam packed.  

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We are excited to launch our Women To Watch and Role Models for Inclusion in Retail index in partnership with The MBS Group.

Last year we launched the inaugural edition of our ‘Role Models for Inclusion’ but this year's edition of the index also includes ‘Women To Watch’.

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Within the toolkit there is a range of helpful materials, including tips on how to establish your group, industry case studies to share best practice, and strategies for engaging with senior leadership.

We hope that this new ENG toolkit will empower organisations and individuals to create meaningful connections, foster a sense of community, and drive positive change within our sector.

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The toolkit has been created in collaboration with Members of the WiHTL and Diversity in Retail’s Race & Ethnicity Committee and includes topics such as being an authentic and active ally, understanding and unlearning biases, calling out non-inclusive behaviour and how to navigate conversations about race. 

Phase 2 due Summer 2023.

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We are delighted to launch our first ever Employee Voice Report based on the results of a survey we conducted in October 2022.

The Report highlights insightful findings in what diversity, equity and inclusion really means to people from every function and level working across the sector and provides fascinating and wide-reaching insights into how represented employees feel in their organisations, whether they have a full sense of belonging while at work, and how important an organisation's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is to them personally.  

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Fireside Chat Series

Fireside chat with June Sarpong OBE

June has been a long-time advocate for DE&I and emphasised the importance of levelling the playing field and fostering inclusivity. She highlighted the necessity of male allies in advancing women in managerial roles, stressing the need to engage rather than alienate those who have benefitted from traditional systems.  

Fireside chat with Deborah Robinson, Central Coop

In this edition, Tea talks to Deborah Robinson, the CEO of Central Coop. Deborah shares, "EDI is absolutely crucial to the future progression of the industry."  

Fireside chat with Sue Kemp, AIS Stores

In this edition, Tea talks to Sue Kemp CEO of Associated Independent Stores who reflected: “We also need to ensure there is a balance in the workplace, always having the right people with the right skills to do the job. Give everyone an equal opportunity, no matter what.” 

Spotlight On Series

This series has been created to shine a light on EDI Leaders within our Collaboration Community and showcase the fantastic work they are doing within the Equity Diversity and Inclusion space. 

Spotlight on... Kim Pritchard, The Very Group.

In this edition of the Spotlight On series, in which we focus on leaders and the wonderful work they do, we welcome Kim Pritchard, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at The Very Group – a multi-brand online retailer within the UK and Ireland employing over 4,000 people. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Kim has worked with Very for over 14 years and plays a key role in driving the company's ambitious diversity and inclusion commitments. We hear from Kim about the importance of education as part of Very's EDI commitment, their pilot programme for people of colour, and how their Curious Coffees initiative brings colleagues together and helps create a sense of belonging. 

'5 ways to'

Our '5 ways to' resources are created by our experts for quick tips on EDI topics. 

5 ways to build an inclusive workplace for disabled colleagues (DiR).pdf
5 ways to support LGBTQIA+ People beyond Pride DiR.pdf
DiR 5 Ways Mothers Day.pdf
5 ways to make your digital content more accessible DiR.pdf

All our '5 ways to' resources are available to members via The Hub or can be found on our socials.

Pre-2023 Resources

For resources pre-2023 please visit our Historical Resources page.