Diversity in Retail is a Collaboration Community devoted to increasing Diversity and Inclusion across the Retail sector.

Our joint mission with WiHTL is to support companies across Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail to create diverse and inclusive environments and to positively impact 5 million employees globally by 2030. 

Meet the DiR Founder & Chair

Driven by her passion to make a positive difference in the diversity and inclusion space, Tea Colaianni launched Diversity in Retail in 2021. Her focus is on delivering tangible initiatives to build and strengthen the diverse talent pipeline within the retail sector.

Tea is a non-Executive Director on a number of Boards including Watches of Switzerland Plc (where she is the Senior Independent Director), DWF Plc and SD Worx NV. She has held senior HR Executive roles at Merlin Entertainments and Hilton Hotels. 

DiR Advisory Board

To join a selected group of CEOs and Chairpersons across Retail committed to shift the dial in the diversity and inclusion arena for the good of the whole industry, please contact us

Founding Members CPO Board 

"I am incredibly proud for Wickes to be a founding member of the Diversity in Retail Collaboration Community as we continue to develop our inclusion journey. At Wickes, we thrive on creating a space that allows our colleagues to be their authentic selves. We absolutely value diverse communities as they challenge our way of thinking, pushing us to evolve and establish policies that represent our people, who are without a doubt our most important assets."

David Wood Chief Executive Officer, Wickes

"We are extremely proud to be involved in Diversity in Retail, and to be a founding member along with many of the other leading retail operators. At EG Group, we continually strive to foster a culture of inclusion, respect, sense of belonging and empowerment at work – this is what diversity means to us. We are also passionate about serving the needs of the diverse communities across the ten international markets we operate in. We aim to ensure our products and services reflect and celebrate diversity and make a positive community impact. We are constantly learning and investing in diversity initiatives that are local, regional and global in order to promote and ensure EG Group is recognised as a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace."

Donna Whittaker Head of HR & Payroll, EG Group

"For the past 61 years, Dr. Martens has consistently been a brand driven by the diversity of our wearers, and the people that work for us. I truly believe that a workforce which is diverse at all levels, is an imperative part of a businesses’ success, and an important indicator to customers of being who you say you are as a company.


By joining the other organisations that have also chosen to support Diversity in Retail, Dr. Martens commits to cultivating a culture and environment where everybody can be empowered, included, and can thrive at work.


We will champion the under-represented, create space for conversation, and support our peer businesses by sharing best practice as we work together to highlight this critical topic." 

Kenny Wilson Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Martens

"I am delighted to join forces with our industry peers to establish Diversity in Retail, a taskforce that will help raise the bar in building a retail industry that is both inclusive and representative of our society. At Currys, we believe our business is all the better because of our diversity in all its forms, and we’re continuously striving to ensure everyone feels included, can be themselves, and be at their best. Businesses have a responsibility to colleagues, customers and shareholders to reflect the diverse communities in which they operate, and Diversity in Retail will play a big role in helping them achieve this." 

Paula Coughlan Chief People Officer, Currys

"I am delighted to be one of the founding members of the Diversity in Retail community. At Kingfisher, we believe there is true strength in difference and we are committed to taking action to create a truly inclusive culture. Joining the DiR community will help us on our journey of change for our colleagues and customers, and we are looking forward to coming together with other retailers to help create sustainable change across our industry and broader society."

Kate Seljeflot Chief People Officer, Kingfisher 

"I am very proud that WHSmith is a founding member of the Diversity in Retail Collaboration Community.  At WHSmith, we are committed to promoting a culture of equality and diversity through our policies, procedures and working practices to ensure all our colleagues can be themselves.  The diversity, inclusion and equality agenda affects us all, and it will only be through coordinated effort and the sharing of best practice that we will be able to collaborate meaningfully and, in turn, support the growth in our industry, protect the wellbeing of our colleagues, and offer our customers the best shopping experiences possible."

Carl Cowling Chief Executive Officer, WHSmith

"I am delighted that Sainsbury’s is a founding member of the Diversity in Retail group. We are committed to being a truly inclusive organisation where colleagues can fulfil their potential and where all of our customers feel welcome when they shop with us. Collaborating with other retailers and sharing best practice is good for both the retail industry and for enabling a more inclusive society."

Simon Roberts Chief Executive Officer, Sainsbury's

"Selfridges is delighted to become a member of the Diversity in Retail community - an organisation who do incredible work to champion more diverse and inclusive workplaces in the retail sector. At Selfridges, we are dedicated to creating a space where everyone is welcome and delivering meaningful change for our people on our journey to making our business more inclusive and diverse. In 2020, we created our own Selfridges Diversity Board to elevate the voices of our teams and shape the direction of decisions in our business, and we look forward to working with Diversity in Retail and its members to collectively champion change."

Maria Glasscock People Director, Selfridges

"We are delighted to be a founding member of Diversity in Retail. The JD Group has always been proud to be an inclusive employer and we will continue to do whatever we can to promote diversity and inclusivity within the workplace and the wider community. The diversity of the JD Group both in the UK and internationally reflects society and we believe in running a meritocratic organisation where everyone is welcome and talented individuals succeed regardless of their race, gender identity or background. 


A cornerstone of our vision is to connect globally, inspire locally and empower individually. The encouragement of different perspectives is essential for growth, good governance and is an integral pillar of our strategy which allows us to be a truly global brand. We look forward to working with the DiR community."

Nicola Kowalczuk Group People Director, JD Group