Women NED Programme

Our unique programme is specifically designed to prepare senior women leaders for non-executive director (NED) roles within the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail sectors and support them in understanding the skills required.

It will help delegates to:

The programme is open to Diversity in Retail members to attend (member companies can nominate up to 2 women leaders per cohort). Non-members are also able to participate for a fee per nomination. 

For non-members and further details contact us.

Endorsed by the Good Governance Academy who provide recognition of life-long learning and continued professional development.  

What our graduates say about our Women NED Programme

“An exceptional programme that brought together experts, governance, real life storytelling and high quality, talented participants. Brilliantly conceived and executed with care. An outstanding experience that completely surpassed my expectations. Huge thanks to Tea and team for creating something so special.”

“The richness of this programme is incredible. The breadth and depth of learning that I have attained has been possible due to a thoughtful curation of content, speakers and experts, which Tea has crafted and spearheaded discussion around. It has been inspiring, thought provoking and given me the tools to completely rethink what is next in my path to growth.” 

“The Women NED programme is the most impactful and useful development programme I have been on in my 30 years of work. Filled with inspiring leaders, subject matter experts and educational materials it provides a thorough insight into the realities of becoming a successful NED - warts and all! I'm sure our Boardrooms would greatly benefit if all new NEDs could attend this programme.”

“Fantastic course that delivered way beyond my expectations. The presenters were informative, open, and happy to answer any questions. The course content was diverse and focused on a broad range of topics that in the round demystified the role of a NED and helped me understand the expectations and more importantly what I can bring to the table.”  

“Absolutely delighted and honoured to part of the inaugural WiHTL & DiR Female NED programme and have the opportunity to work alongside some fantastic female talent within the HTL industry. Special thanks to Tea and the rest of the WiHTL & DiR team for organising such a fantastic course. I have genuinely learnt an immense amount over the 6 months programme that will not only stand me in good stead for my future NED career but also brings learnings that I can also bring into my day-to-day corporate executive role.”