Diversity in Retail is Devoted to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Across Retail

We believe that through collaboration we can amplify the impact of individual diversity initiatives, together we can have a bigger, louder voice for the good of the Retail sector.

Our joint mission with WiHTL is to support companies across the Retail, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure to create diverse and inclusive environments and positively impact over 5 million employees globally by 2030.

What We Do

Advocate, inspire, raise awareness

We conduct research and provide diversity and inclusion content that is relevant and inspiring.

Share and learn from others

We nurture collaboration and sharing across the industry, creating multiple opportunities to interact and identify best practices that work in the Retail sector.

Co-create solutions

We support companies and executives in building a diverse talent pipeline through cross-industry leadership development programmes.

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Our Members Reach Over 1.2 Million Employees and Include:

Be a part of our ever-growing community of companies and individuals committing to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

We believe that no single company can make progress with the inclusion agenda on its own.  Through collaboration we are able to have a greater impact on progressing EDI in HTL and in society as a whole. 

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Working Women: Breaking Barriers, Powering Progress

Take part in our research

We’re curating the largest ever piece of research into women’s careers in the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail sectors.

What's Coming Up

In this masterclass with Jodi Goldman, you will learn

- How and why people are motivated differently (and why some people frustrate you with their behaviour!)

- Understanding your own motivations so you can make more of an impact

- How you can identify the motivations of others easily so adapt your communication to get the results you want from different kinds of people. 

This Women’s History Month we’re putting the spotlight on women’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our panelists will explore some of the health challenges women face and the impact they have in the workplace, as well as the initiatives, resources, policies and solutions that can support women to thrive in a safe and inclusive environment.