Diversity in Retail is Devoted to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Across Retail

We believe that through collaboration we can amplify the impact of individual diversity initiatives, together we can have a bigger, louder voice for the good of the Retail sector.

Our mission is to support companies across the retail industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and positively impact over 1 million employees globally by 2025.

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We conduct research and provide content that is relevant and inspiring 


We nurture collaboration and sharing across the industry, putting in place tangible actions that make a difference 

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Our Recent Work

Based upon mandatory figures reported to the government this year, we are pleased to publish our report on the gender pay gap in the Retail industry. With broader sector analysis provided by PwC, we look at the reasons behind the gap and ways in which the DiR Collaboration Community is producing innovative action planning to positively turn the dial to reduce the gap. We look at the benefits created by policy change and inclusive recruitment, and hear directly from member organisations through case studies and best practices. 

Request the Gender Pay Gap Report.

As we come to the mid-way point in the year we wanted to take the opportunity to share a snapshot of some of the collective progress we've made. From welcoming new members into our Collaboration Community, to hosting webinars on key EDI topics, not to mention seeing almost 1000 delegates graduate across our various development programmes, it's clear to see that 2023 has already been jam packed.  

Read the Half Year report.

We are excited to launch our Women To Watch and Role Models for Inclusion in Retail index in partnership with The MBS Group.

Last year we launched the inaugural edition of our ‘Role Models for Inclusion’ but this year's edition of the index also includes ‘Women To Watch’.

Request your copy of the index.

The report marks five years of partnership between WiHTL and The MBS Group, and provides an in-depth analysis of diversity across the sectors. Drawing on data captured from 200 businesses across the industry and conversations with Chairs, CEOs and HRDs.  

Download the Annual report.

What's Coming Up

The inclusion event of the year is back! Join us at the WiHTL and DiR Inclusion Summit, taking place on  Tuesday 10th of October (coinciding perfectly with World Inclusion Day), at the iconic London Hilton on Park Lane. 

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