Leadership Development Programmes

We co-create and deliver award-winning and inspirational cross-industry Leadership Development Programmes that help organisations build and invest in their diverse talent pipeline.

The unique structure of our programmes positively impacts delegates, line managers, executive sponsors, mentors, and facilitators, producing broad and deep cultural change.

Women Leaders Programme (WLP)

The WLP is a unique, comprehensive, cross-industry programme designed to provide a series of experiences and learning opportunities to support career progression for high-potential women leaders in the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry. 

Women-NED Programme

Our unique programme is specifically designed to prepare senior women leaders for non-executive director (NED) roles within the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail sectors and support them in understanding the skills required. 

Aspiring CFO in HTL & Retail Programme

This first-of-its-kind programme is tailored for finance leaders in the HTL and Retail sectors who come from under-represented backgrounds and possess a strong commitment and aspiration to advance to a CFO role within the industry.

Ethnic Senior Leaders Programme (ESL) 

This programme is designed to support and prepare ethnic senior leaders for promotion to Executive Board level. It is aimed at those preparing to take on increasing levels of responsibility and greater challenges as they move into more senior leadership or management roles. 

Ethnic Future Leaders Programme (EFL)

This programme aims to improve ethnic diversity in leadership through identifying and investing in existing high-potential employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds supporting their progression into more senior roles.