Collaboration through our Members

Collaboration through our Committees

Data & Insights Committee

The remit of this committee is to assess the data underpinning the diversity challenges within HTL organisations, specifically defining useful data around talent pools and pipelines and defining a dashboard of metrics that will generate relevant insight. Related to this are also measures of success, including how an organisation can use the data already generated by relevant governance requirements to move the dial forward. 

Race & Ethnicity Committee

The R&E Committee is focused on raising awareness around race and ethnicity, bringing it to the forefront of the diversity and inclusion agenda within the HTL industry. This committee's key aim is to seek clarity on where the industry currently stands, analyse the challenges and give practical ideas on how to implement solutions to the race and ethnicity gap.

HR Leaders Community

The HR Leaders Community meets every quarter to share best practices, hear of progress across the industry, and co-create tangible solutions.

Accessibility Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to create awareness and education around the challenges faced by those employees and customers who identify as having a disability, either visible or invisible, and devise tangible actions to tackle those challenges which can be implemented across all organisations. 

The Committee is aimed at anybody who has an interest in the topic of disability, neurodiversity and accessibility. 

Employee Network Groups Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to give Employee Network Group Chairs and Co-Chairs the opportunity to collaborate and share best practice in order to make their Groups even more impactful. It is also a chance for those interested in creating ENGs within their organisations to ask questions and learn from others in the community.

Chief Financial Officers Committee

The CFO Committee will expressly seek to engage finance and business leaders within member organisations. The Committee will discuss EDI as a business objective with both an internal and external focus, foster learning from industry peers about measuring and benchmarking financial success through embedding EDI strategies, and how to achieve shareholder support in terms of broader ESG reporting.

For further information or if you’re interested in joining any of our committees, email us. 

(Please consult with your HR Team before putting forward your nomination to join the committees.)