Diversity in Retail is Devoted to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Across Retail

We believe that through collaboration we can amplify the impact of individual diversity initiatives, together we can have a bigger, louder voice for the good of the Retail sector

Our mission is to support companies across the retail industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and positively impact over 1 million employees globally by 2025

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Our Members Reach Over 700,000 Employees and Include:

Inclusion Summit

The WiHTL & DiR Inclusion Summit was a multi-faceted celebration of diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, travel, leisure and retail sectors. It took place on the 1st November 2022 in the heart of London at the iconic ODEON LUXE, Leicester Square. The in-person event brought together members of our WiHTL and Diversity in Retail Collaboration Communities.

Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index 2022

Produced  in partnership with The MBS Group, the Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index 2022 shines the light on a group of inspirational people who have been independently identified as having made significant impact to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace within retail.

The role models featured in this Index work across the broad reaches of the retail sector and have made it their priority to advocate positive change and to commit to robust diverse and inclusive practices within their organisations. In leading by example – showing how not only telling how – those included have already initiated and promoted the processes needed to achieve an equitable environment.

At the Index launch in London, Simon Roberts, CEO at Sainsbury’s said: “On behalf of Sainsbury’s I want to offer a huge congratulations to all those who have been featured in the inaugural Role Models for Inclusion in Retail Index. As a founding member of Diversity in Retail, inclusion is something that all of us at Sainsbury’s are incredibly passionate about and this is such a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate these exceptional individuals who are driving change across the industry. The Index reminds us why it’s so important for the retail sector, one of the biggest UK employers, to have collective ambitious aims that allow us to carry the torch, using our platform to be a positive role model to other industries and create a ripple effect through our wider society. Celebrating the trailblazers who are doing such amazing work across the retail industry goes a long way in driving long-lasting and widespread movement, creating a better, more inclusive future for everyone.”

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Fireside Chat Series with Tea Colaianni and Guests

As part of our International Women's Day and Women's History Month celebrations, we were delighted to host a fireside chat with Deborah Robinson CEO Central England Co-op led by Tea Colaianni Founder & Chair Diversity in Retail.

In this interview, Deborah shares her career story and her passion for the Co-operative movement. She also reveals the values which are important to her, the challenges she has faced and how she overcame them, and the positive impact female colleagues have had on her career.

"If you are really clear that what you were setting out to achieve was the right thing, you must never, ever give up on that." 

A written summary of the interview is available to download here

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